Beautiful Monster by Sitinorsyafiqah

Beautiful Monster by Sitinorsyafiqah

Tuesday, April 16


Assalamualaikum dear Sapphires :)
Alhamdullilah for where I am now. I am Siti Nor Syafiqah bt Haizad, I am 20 years old and currently pursuing my degree in Business Economics at UiTM Kedah.
if some of you may know me, Hi ! and to my new friends, hi !
well, I have deleted all my previous posts (i did it with a heavy heart).
At first, I want to keep them as memories but looking at the pictures I had posted, I have to delete them all because I did not wear hijab during my high school year. But on the bright side, I can let go of all my pasts. Well, I was not a very good person during my past so I am letting go of my past so that I can move on and be a better person. After all, I am 20 years old now.
The reason why I decided to start blogging again is to improve my writing skills, and my English. I might be writing in English, Malays or both (rojak). It's okay right?
I also want to use this medium to share my interest, my stories and also some information. I might not write a post every day, but I will try my best to write as frequent as I can.
Sorry if I am too formal, gagagagaga i feel weird to actually start writing. It feels like I am talking to myself.
I guess I'll be flooding my next post with some pictures. After all pictures say more than words right?

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