Beautiful Monster by Sitinorsyafiqah

Beautiful Monster by Sitinorsyafiqah

Sunday, May 5

What to do on weekends?

Hello Sapphires!!
the weekends are finally hereeee. (well eventhough in Kedah Friday and Saturdays are weekends but I'm in Selangor now for PRU holidays)

okay let's not talk about PRU shall we? what are you guys planning to do everytime the weekends come?
i always look forward to weekends as it's the only time where i can do everything that I have planned to do but never have time to do it.

Here are some suggestions on what to do during weekends.

1) lazying around the house.
well, after 5 days of working/class/assignments, weekends are the only days where you can wake up late, not taking shower after you wake up, naked around the house (make sure you close all your transparent windows lol) and just lazying around the house. or.... you can sleep for 15 hours (in that case you had exams or test during weekdays so you need to recharge yourself after sleepless night). But it will be no fun if every weekends we just sit on couch and watch our favorite series, i suggest you do this only twice or trice a month. hehe

it's a bliss isn't to get to watch TV.

2) cook new recipe.
this gotta be my favorite, since we don't really have time to try new recipe on weekdays because we have tight schedule and all. Sometimes new recipe can take us hours just to figure out what to do (especially baking) so use your weekends to learn new recipe and invite your friends and family to taste them and give comments :P (konon konon Master Chef la). You can try baking new flavors of cakes, or new Melayu dishes or even new recipe of juice! try it, because the best part of being a cooker is to see people eat what you've cooked and love it.

 some of the food i cooked :D
i've tried to cooked mashed potatoes and i bought this instant gravy! you should try because you just have to add in water and it tastes just like KFC 's ;p

the breakfast i made for my family.

3) exercising 
go to the park and have a morning walk, go to the pool and swim, go to the gym and spend hours of exercising while listening to your favorite movies, those are traditional ways to exercise. You can also switch off the fan and aircond in your house while you are cleaning your house (sweep, mop, rearrange your furniture) by doing this, you can sweats and clean you house! (thumbs up). you can also dancing while listening to you favorite music in your room (so that you won't feel ashamed to dance). Other than that, window shopping is also consider as exercise but make sure you really walk through the whole shopping mall.

4) go to shopping mall.
take your friends, boyfriend, sisters, brothers or families to the malls and spend some time together. Buy some new clothes, shoes or anything, catch up new movies, eat good food and take a lot of pictures (to post in Instagram and twitter :p) this probably stuff that people like to do. because this weekend you can go to Mid Valley with your friends, next weekend you can go to One Utama with your boyfriend and the next next weekend you can go with your siblings. but keep in mind that it will also make you spend quite a lot of money for parking, food and you purchases. So always watch out your spending so that you wont overspend.
me and my friends, hanging out at the park in front of Amanjaya Mall, Kedah.

some of the items I can buy in one day. shopping is a theraphy!
karaoke-ing with my friends.

5) family gathering.
weekend is the best time to gather with you close and extended family (cousins, nieces, nephews, uncle, grandparents). Because we don't see them oftentimes so whenever there is family gathering, it's time to catch up, or you can have sleepover sessions with your cousins. BBQ is a great thing to do during family gathering because we will work together to prepare the food.
my dad and my cousin and Yiq when we have family gathering early this year.
some of the food at the BBQ!

6) clean and tidy up your room/house.
take a look at your closets, or your unwashed clothes or unfold clothes (terkejut tak tengok banyak baju tak basuh? haha)  weekend is the time to tidy up your house. Remove the dusts and dirt,  rearrange your clothes, fold them neatly. you can also change the position of your furniture. arrange the stuff in your kitchen and clean up your bathroom too. By doing this, you wont have Monday blues because when you wake up on Monday morning and see how clean your bathroom and house, you'll have a good mood to start off your day :)

7) catch up new movies or your favorite TV series.
nowadays, we can download movies and series. So, download as many new or old movies and watch them.  You can also watch your favorite TV series online. (i like to watch Running Man and New Girl to make me laugh). at least, if you have no plans on weekend, you can just  turn on your laptop and watch them.

8) Try new restaurant.
this is also one of my favorites. you can go to restaurant that is quite far from your house because it's weekend! watch Jalan Jalan Cari Makan and save the address of the restaurant you would like to go. Also, you can read review in magazines and newspaper. make sure to bring along your friends and family so that you wont get lost alone (haha) and so that you have a company to share the good food :)
Banana split at Pappa Rich
Caesar Salad and fried chicken with fries at Chilli's

I hope i've given some ides to you on what to do on weekend. enjoy your weekends peeps!

PS :  sesiapa yang boleh mengundi tu, jangan lupa pergi mengundi!
Ala, tak rugi pun Ahad awak tu, satu ahad dalam 5 tahun je.

All the pictures are taken by me.

Wednesday, May 1

Because picture speaks louder than words.

Hello my dearies Sapphires,
I don't know if there are actually people who are reading this, but i just want to share some of my pictures with all of you. Because i have deleted all the previous posts, some of you might wondering who am I. (bajet gila ayat)

 so this is me, Siti Nor Syafiqah. i am chubby because i eat a lot.

so this is me celebrated my 20th Birthday! yayy. (i said yay to cover the sadness that i am old already)

 okay, i used to be a tutor for primary school students. but just for 5 months which were after i sit for my SPM. but, i still tutor students who need my help (basically my sisters and cousins)

with some of my former schoolmates.

my Graduation Day as school students. ( sekarang dah University you all )

my bestfriends whom i can act crazy with! 

me when i was 4 years old! :D

with my younger sister who is also my bestfriend (lah sangat) !

 some stuff in my room :)


since i like to eat, I also like to take picture of food because i like to look at them everytime i feel hungry.
seriously, i like to look at picture of food. 

 this is the love of my life! Family and boyfriend!

 my second sister's not in the picture because she was taking the picture (but there is a picture of her above)

soo here where I am now. In UiTM Kedah. i'm taking Degree in Business Economics.

This is my roommate, classmate, assignment-mate, makan-mate, tidur-mate. hihi
and this is my girls classmate.
life in Kedah. (semua bukan orang kedah tapi tercampak kat sini :( )

that's all for now.
nanti saya buka cerita pasal orang orang dalam gambar tu ye :)

*saya suka cakap bahasa rojak (campur English and Malay)
takpe kan? :)

Shah Alam is a heaven of food!

Holaaaaa Sapphires!
i think my post title is a bit weird but i just don't know what else to put as title.
soooo this post is about food, in Shah Alam. i've been living in Shah Alam for 18 years. sadly, my parents decided to move to Klang. But Shah Alam is my second home. our second home. Since we were growing up in Shah Alam, we have used to some shops to buy some stuff. like our favorite bookstores and my mom's favorite shop that sells gardening and household tools. in fact, both of my sisters go to tuition center in Shah Alam.

Anyway, back to my post title, i decided to talk about food because i love food. my family loves food.
So, i would like to recommend some places in Shah Alam where there are good food.

1) Firstly, Shah Alam Mall.

So this is Plaza Shah Alam located in Section 9, Shah Alam. (opposite Concorde hotel).
i think if you are not familiar to Shah Alam, maybe you don't know where it is because Shah Alam's famous mall are Kompleks PKNS, SACC Mall and Plaza Alam Sentral since there are located at the center of Shah Alam and are located near to each other. you can Google where it is.
so why i recommend this place? they have a lot of awesome restaurants.

  • Baskin Robbins (which is the only Baskin Robbins store in Shah Alam )
  • Krispy Kreme (which is also the only outlet in Shah Alam)
  • Subway
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Austin Chase 
  •                          Starbucks
  •                                                       Windmill

i guess the above restaurants can also be found anywhere else, here i would like to highlight some other restaurants.
1) The Famous Thai.
- It is the best seafood restaurant in Shah Alam. whoever asks me to suggest a good restaurant for family dinner, i would always recommend this restaurant. ( in fact i have recommended to some of my friends)

2) at the lower ground floor of the Shah Alam Mall, there are many small stalls like Hot 'n' Roll, 1901, Daily Fresh (they have superb waffle and icekimo) and Cool Blog. The best part is there is also Meatball Station! 
 I have tried the meatballs at the Meatball Station. they are almost as the same as at Ikea's (served with fries)

the two plates on the left was the set of 5 of meatballs. we took two sets because we want more fries. hihi
and the right plate is fettuccine with meatballs.

Another best part is the the Meatball Station located near the Paddington House of pancakes and Nobers Hot Wings. so you can sit at any of the three stalls and you can ordered any of them! Isn't cool? you can eat meatballs, pancakes and Chicken wings at the same time without having to go to different stalls. (they also have kebab, burgers and many more).

(as you can see in the above picture, i ate meatballs and also pancakes) win!
tall stacks (4 pancakes) of chocolate crunchy pancakes (served with marshmallows and peanuts)

set of 5 of meatballs and it's only RM5! 
(they also have set of 10 and 15)

mini treasure box at the Paddington House of Pancakes.
(fruits with mini pancakes)

chicken popiah with black pepper sauce by Nobbers Hot Wings.

there's also a Japanese Reastaurant called Sakura Fuji. i haven't had the chance to eat because for this time being it is under renovation.

2) Tupai Tupai Restaurant, Section 13.

 as you can see at the board, they have seafood, wetstern food, steamboat and also ala carte.

the steamboat is buffet style which cost RM25++ person including drinks and desserts provided by the restaurants.

the beautiful view in Shah Alam branch :)

3)  Section 7, Shah Alam
it's behind the KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant near Shell.
there are many restaurant there, the famous one is Barra.
there's also Burger Bakar Abang Burn, Yazid's burger, Wang Solo (Indonesian traditional food where the workers are also dressed in Indonesian traditional wears), Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang, Mee Ketam,  and other restaurants.

last but not least, Laman Seri Section 13, Shah Alam.
There are Killiney Kopitiam, Coffe Planet, Ban-J, Mr-Steak House, Laman Grill (the owner is the jury of Masterchef Malaysia), SaTEORI Mexican Grill and many more.

 me and my friend when we're eating at Laman Grill Bar.

that's all for now. i hope this entry is helpful and please tell me if there is any restaurants that worth my money and can satisfy my tummy.
till then, enjoy your food, no matter what are you eating, it is rezeki from Allah :)

picture credits : Google image and from my personal camera.

thank you for viewing my blog :)
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