Beautiful Monster by Sitinorsyafiqah

Beautiful Monster by Sitinorsyafiqah

Wednesday, May 1

Because picture speaks louder than words.

Hello my dearies Sapphires,
I don't know if there are actually people who are reading this, but i just want to share some of my pictures with all of you. Because i have deleted all the previous posts, some of you might wondering who am I. (bajet gila ayat)

 so this is me, Siti Nor Syafiqah. i am chubby because i eat a lot.

so this is me celebrated my 20th Birthday! yayy. (i said yay to cover the sadness that i am old already)

 okay, i used to be a tutor for primary school students. but just for 5 months which were after i sit for my SPM. but, i still tutor students who need my help (basically my sisters and cousins)

with some of my former schoolmates.

my Graduation Day as school students. ( sekarang dah University you all )

my bestfriends whom i can act crazy with! 

me when i was 4 years old! :D

with my younger sister who is also my bestfriend (lah sangat) !

 some stuff in my room :)


since i like to eat, I also like to take picture of food because i like to look at them everytime i feel hungry.
seriously, i like to look at picture of food. 

 this is the love of my life! Family and boyfriend!

 my second sister's not in the picture because she was taking the picture (but there is a picture of her above)

soo here where I am now. In UiTM Kedah. i'm taking Degree in Business Economics.

This is my roommate, classmate, assignment-mate, makan-mate, tidur-mate. hihi
and this is my girls classmate.
life in Kedah. (semua bukan orang kedah tapi tercampak kat sini :( )

that's all for now.
nanti saya buka cerita pasal orang orang dalam gambar tu ye :)

*saya suka cakap bahasa rojak (campur English and Malay)
takpe kan? :)


  1. wow! you have massive accessories collection :)
    The food photos are making me hungry...


    1. Hello dear, thanks :) i've followed your blog :)

  2. Seriously adore your fashion sense! You should do like tips for fashion! :)

    1. hello, thanks dear :) alaaa i'm not that good pun to give tips, people will go "eh eleh" nanti. lol anyway thanks!


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